Now That You’ve Gotten Your Eggs

First: Connect with Your Egg Cleanse It Energetically with Sage or Salt Water Prior to Insertion, Connect with your egg in a few ways. Program it and tell it what you’d like it to do for you. What kind of energy would you like Your egg to radiate through you? What Would You like it to help you manifest in your life? Carry it with you for a few days to get acquainted with its energy.

Second: Cleanse and Care for Your Egg Use the same soap you use for your yoni, warm water, and a bowl. Give Your Egg (and strings) a Bath for about five minutes, pat them dry, and leave them to dry on a cotton towel. ( The Softer the Better) Be very Careful Not to drop Your Eggs, if they are ever cracked they should not be inserted.

Q. How Do I Know Which Size egg to Use? A. Eggs come in sets of three. Large, Medium, and Small. You start with the largest egg and work your way down to the smallest.

Q. How do I Know when to go to a smaller egg? A. You Will Sneeze or laugh and your Muscles will be strong enough to push the egg out involuntarily.

Q. How do I know which type of egg to choose? A. Stones usually choose us, what stone can you just not stop looking at? The stone you are most drawn to are usually the stone that has the properties you need.

Q. How Do Insert the egg? A. Eggs are inserted fat side first, and skinny side down. You can use a natural Lubricant like coconut oil to ease insertion.

Q. How Long should I wear them? A. Listen to your body, your body will let you know when it’s time to remove them.

Q. Can I use them during my pregnancy? A. Absolutely! They help strengthen your muscles to give birth. The can be used to help restore your muscles after childbirth as well (with Dr.’s approval)

Q. Can I use them if I’ve had a hysterectomy? A. Yes, eggs stay in the vaginal canal and do not affect us internally past the cervix. Talking with your Dr. about it is recommended.